BI & Analytics Services

Business decisions which drive growth & profitability today are completely Data driven. And Organizations that are collecting this data and analyzing at real-time speeds are the ones poised to leave competition way behind and perhaps out of the race. At WildJasmine our BI and Analytics services take into account complete life-cycle of the Analytics & BI program at enterprise level. Right from the infrastructure to the BI roadmap to each business case evaluation to implementation, maintenance and future proofing.

Consulting Services

Business Case Assessment

The business problem or business opportunity is defined and a BI solution is proposed.

Data Analysis

Business data analysis for various KPI’s, Data Validations and consolidations

Application Prototyping

Prototyping for – Tool evaluation for business users to see the potential and limits of and functional deliverables

Enterprise Infrastructure Evaluation for BI

As a cross-organizational initiative we define technical [hardware, software, middleware, dbms, platforms, network components and repositories] & non-technical infrastructure [metadata standards, logical data model, methodologies, guidelines, QA procedures]

Data warehouse architecture and implementation

Star and snowflake schema design, Data consolidations and aggregations, Data Mart design

No two art pieces can be the same, right? So is the case with integrating enterprise wide data based on business need and different rule engines even for the same type of business. We are the Leonardo Da Vinci of Data Management



→ Installation and Configuration

→ Customization to add new functionality

→ Application Integration with external or third party applications

→ Platform Transformation from existing BI to MicroStrategy

→ Design and development of business case for MicroStrategy solution

→ Development and Implementation of Scorecards for each and every KPI

→ Defined process for development, support and migration activities

→ Architecture and design planning for better performance, scalability, flexibility and availability

→ Design and Implementation of complex security architecture

Design & Development

→ Best Data Modeling Techniques for design and development of BI Solution

→ Design and Building Schema objects

→ Enterprise BI solution to include Dashboards and Reports

→ Multi-dimensional OLAP Schema Design and Development

→ Design and development of reports and dashboards using SSAS cubes

→ Data visualization integration with high-end user interface

→ User guide for complete implementation

→ Complex data analytics and visualization

Mobile App Development

→ Design and development of Mobile applications using Microstrategy

→ Consolidation of the screens to provide single storyboard

→ Flexible and rich user functionality for all mobile devices such as ipad, iphone, blackberry etc

→ Addressing mobile security concerns.

→ Ready to serve apps for Retail, Manufacturing, Banking and Healthcare domains.

Managed Services

→ BI application Design, development and support

→ Microstrategy server management

→ Complete administration of MicroStrategy

→ Transformation and Migration activities

→ BI System optimization for better performance and scalability

→ Complete BI implementation from BI, DW, ETL, Reporting to Mobile BI

→ High quality support by performing proactive analysis to resolve predictable issues

→ Managing complete BI support and maintenance

→ Architecture assessment using proprietary tools and methodologies.

→ Deployment of knowledge and best practices with templates and artifacts

→ Testing the BI application to manage application quality


BI consultancy

✦ Platform Evaluation and prototyping

✦ BI Architecture & DWH selection

✦ BI Implementation based on Business needs

✦ KPI driven Analytics

Self-Service analytics & reports

✦ Self building analytics on enterprise data, private and unstructured data

✦ Data analysis from any data source (database, csv, xls etc)

✦ Flexible and easy user interface for building queries

✦ Save and Share the analytics for future use

What-If Analytics

✦ Predicting the scenario and analyse the changes that occur in business strategies.

✦ Provide OLAP based multidimensional analysis faster and accessible for better decision making capabilities

✦ Enablement of Data on demand for different perspectives

✦ Data analysis through detailed analysis drill-down, drill-across, slice-and-dice and drill-through processes

In-Memory Analytics

✦ Enables faster data insights

✦ Provides highest analytical efficiency

✦ Enables data mash-up to interactive cockpits

✦ Data navigation through dynamic and interactive approaches

✦ Extra-events and data help in real-time decision making capabilities

Geospatial Analytics

✦ Geographical information system to support critical insights and make effective business decisions and optimize the process.

✦ Creation of Maps for various business use cases.

✦ Identification of patterns, trends and critical areas to improve business process

✦ Data capture is based on Open Standards approved by Open Geospatial Consortium

Social Network Analytics

✦ Specialized in social networking and monitoring

✦ Extract and analyze data flow in the social networks

✦ Real-time data analysis or historical data analysis

✦ Summary: Dashboard overview with tweets, retweets, responses, timelines, devices used and ranking

✦ Topics: Segregate topics that are extracted from social network sites in the form of hashtags

✦ Network: Very flexible user friendly interactions to display data in visualized charts or geographic maps

✦ Distribution: Information made visible based on their countries and states are distinguished.

✦ Impact: Provide data on time trend of followers and monitored short-links

✦ Sentiment: Detailed analysis using R to provide tweet polarities.

Real-time Analytics

✦ Extracting the information from streaming data and identifying effective business strategies.

✦ Frequently monitor the business data and process through flexible approach

✦ Highlights inefficiency and bottlenecks

✦ Data navigation through dynamic and interactive approaches

✦ Results are visualized using rich business analytics

✦ Data analytics is on both real-time and historical data

✦ Customize real-time analytics based on business process monitoring capabilities

Mobile Analytics

✦ Explore data on any of the mobile Devices

✦ Perform analytics, dashboards and cockpits

✦ Application is completely web-based

✦ Supports feature of mobile to be touch-enabled front end

✦ Provides secure user authentication

✦ Role-based data access is provided

✦ Scheduling the process is automated

✦ Automatic and Periodic analysis of alarms and notifications

Managed Services

Technical Support, Performance Management and Administration of BI and DWH platform on a daily basis and if required 24/7

Capacity planning and Monitoring

BI Platform maintenance and upgrades

Production operations Monitoring

Data Analysis/Profiling, Quality Assurance & testing

Comprehensive Database management & administration services

Security Administration and Configuration


Premium consultancy

✦ Requirement Analysis & Architecture Workshop

✦ Assessment of Existing BI System

✦ Proposal of New system with pros and cons

✦ Capacity Planning

✦ Discussion on Pentaho Architecture

✦ Review and discuss the project requirements with milestones and deadlines

✦ POC to demonstrate pros and cons

✦ Participate in discussion on integrating, extending and embedding pentaho

✦ Discussion on various implementation approaches

✦ Recommendations and discussion on various implementation strategies.

✦ Prototype for customer specific requirement

✦ Training and Education service with best of work Pentaho Architects

✦ Expert level Solution Delivery for outsourced projects

✦ Easy Migration from community edition and Upgrade to Enterprise

✦ Flexible integration of any custom plugins to Pentaho

Enterprise Edition

✦ Installation & configuration of the Enterprise applications

✦ Implementation of application security

✦ Recommend Architecture solution by understanding business challenges

✦ Assist in creating Multi-dimensional OLAP cubes using Schema Workbench

✦ Help in Design and development of various reports using Pentaho Report Designer

✦ Influence customer to use Big Data Analytics for their huge structured and unstructured data

✦ Pentaho user console helps in analysis, interactive reporting and dashboard designing.

✦ Support to in-memory analytics helps in increasing the performance and high system availability due to data caching mechanism.

✦ Implementation of Pentaho Mobile analytics which includes interactive analysis,visualization, exclusive dashboards and reporting on various mobile devices.

Community Edition

✦Installation & Configuration of Community Edition platform and tools

✦ Cost effective zero license cost BI Implementation

✦ CTools (CDF,CDE,CCC,CDC,Sparkl etc.,) integration and implementation with Pentaho Community Edition

✦ Saiku Integration with Pentaho CE

✦ Pivot4J Integration with Pentaho CE

✦ Embedding and integration of Pentaho CE with your Application

✦ Interactive advanced Data Visualization using various tools & technologies

Multi tenancy

✦ Multi-tenancy implementation on both Pentaho EE and CE

✦ Multi-tenancy User management and Plug-in development as per your needs

✦ Design & Implementation of Single Database and single BI server instance for multiple customers

✦ Custom specific Multi-tenancy implementation


✦ Pentaho platform integration to your application

✦ Pentaho components integration and embedding to your application

✦ Platform specific component development and integration usign Java/J2EE and Pentaho frameworks

✦ Custom development and Integration

✦ Security Integration

✦ External UI Integration for better visualization

✦ WEKA Integration for Data Mining

Support & Maintenance

✦Our support and maintenance is based on predefined set of standards

✦ Tailored based support plan on customer specific needs

✦ Customer queries are registered, analyzed and prioritized based on the ticketing system.

✦ Provide support on existing functionalities of the application