Big Data Services

WildJasmine’s Big Data Services helps your organization to provide solution for Data V4 Theory with our most innovative and proven implementation process and methodologies

Data V4 Theory

Data Volume

Highly growing computerized business world producing enormous Data Volume

Data Velocity

Business is producing data in lighting speed, requiring faster data capturing and processing

Data Variety

Data is unstructured and produced from various data sources with various formats

Data Vision

Complex business, complicated data but Business Vision is based on the data.

Our Experience

Enterprise Architecture Experts

Cross-Domain Business Analysts

Open source and commercial Hadoop distribution experience

Java/J2EE Experts

Customized Hadoop implementations

Migration to Big data platform

Big data Analytics on unstructured data

Advanced Analytics and Data Science solutions

Heterogeneous data integration – structured & unstructured

Big data infrastructure setup and managed services

Our Approach

  • Assess and Identify Big Data Business Use Case for Solution Design Identify and select a relevant Hadoop distribution
  • Design the system for High availability
  • Setup the infrastructure identified for the solution
  • Setup HDFS to manage heterogeneous data and users
  • Implement System/Data Security with Multi-tenancy
  • Integrate and implement Authentication and Access control
  • Identify data integration platform/tool for Big data integration
  • Implement heterogeneous Data Integration into Hadoop platform
  • Setup up Maintenance process

  • Go Live

Consulting Services

Strategy Road map & Assessment

✦ Project Planning

✦ Project requirements definition

✦ Enterprise Infrastructure Evaluation

✦ Technology evaluation & recommendations

✦ Business needs assessment for big data objective

Proof of Concepts

✦ Data Analysis

✦ Use case identification

✦ Hadoop distribution sandbox setup

✦ Business value demonstration using your data

Architectural Consulting

✦ Identify technology framework

✦ Prototyping and Benchmarking

✦ Architecture patterns, tools and best practises

✦ Architect and design of complex Big data solutions

✦ Massively Parallel Processing [MPP] Architecture & Solution design

Advisory services

✦ Data Visualization

✦ Big data Integration platform

✦ Data Quality & Data Governance

Hadoop Implementation Services

Core Hadoop Services

→ Implementation and Data Migration

→ Health check & optimization

Data Engineering

→ Solution design and implementation

→ Big Data Integration & Aggregation

→ Application development

→ Data Visualization

Advanced Analytics

→ Use case discovery

→ Data Modelling

→ Statistical methods

→ Machine learning

HBase practice

→ HBase Schema Design

→ Application analysis

→ Performance tuning