Data Integration

Service Offering

✦ Business Data Analysis to foster collaboration between IT and Business

✦ Data Integration Architecture consulting & Enablement to Business

✦ Data Integration on Cloud

✦ Enterprise Data Warehouse and Data Marts Design

✦ Defining & implementing ETL process Management

✦ Proof of Concept for Tool demonstration

✦ ETL tool migration & Administration

✦ Transform data from any style and load it to any system

✦ Performance Optimization

✦ Big data Integration Architecture and Implementation

✦ Managed Services with Production support & maintenance

Tools & Competency

Pentaho Data Integration – Enterprise or Community

✦ Installation, configuration & administration of ETL platform

✦ Version migration & upgradation

✦ ETL implementation using Enterprise or Community Editions

✦ Plug-In development for tool extension

✦ Big Data Integration

✦ Master-Slave configuration & massive parallel processing setup

✦ ETL platform performance optimization

✦ Architecture Workshops & Trainings

✦ Production Support & Maintenance

Talend Data Integration – Enterprise or Open studio

✦ Installation, configuration & platform administration

✦ Version migration & upgradation

✦ Integration platform Architecture and best practises

✦ ETL implementation using Platform for Data Integration or Open Studio

✦ Technical audit and review on existing implementation for improvements

✦ Big Data Integration

✦ Architecture workshops & trainings

✦ Production support & Maintenance

Data Management Service

Business decisions which drive growth & profitability today are completely Data driven. And Organizations that are collecting this data and analyzing at real-time speeds are the ones poised to leave competition way behind and perhaps out of the race. At WildJasmine our BI and Analytics services take into account complete life-cycle of the Analytics & BI program at enterprise level. Right from the infrastructure to the BI roadmap to each business case evaluation to implementation, maintenance and future proofing.

Application Integration

Service Offering

✦ Enterprise Integration Assessment, Architecture and Roadmap

✦ Detailed Technology analysis both in Open source and commercial platforms

✦ Proof of Concept for Tool evaluation

✦ Full cycle Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) Implementation

✦ Business Process & Applications infrastructure optimization

✦ Integration to Enterprise Portal, B2B & B2C Applications

✦ Custom API Integration

✦ Custom Adapter and Middleware development

✦ Customization & Re-Engineering of Existing application to enable Integration

✦ Integration testing strategy

Tools & Competency

Talend Enterprise ESB or Open Studio

✦ Installation, Configuration and Talend ESB platform setup

✦ Requirement review and recommend strategies with a POC

✦ ESB Modelling and Development

✦ Business Process Management [BPM] integration

✦ Custom Development

✦ Service Mediation & Security Integration

✦ ESB deployment and Production Maintenance & Support

✦ Architecture workshops and Trainings

✦ Installation, Configuration and Platform setup

✦ Enterprise Integration Architecture based on Mule

Core ESB implementation: Location Transparency, Message Transformation, Protocol onversion, Message routing,Message enhancements

✦ ESB platform monitoring and administration

✦ Security implementation

✦ Production Maintenance & Support

✦ Architecture workshops and Trainings

No two art pieces can be the same, right? So is the case with integrating enterprise wide data based on business need and different rule engines even for the same type of business. We are the Leonardo Da Vinci of Data Management

Business Process Management

Service Offering

✦ Business Process Analysis and Design

✦ Choosing right business challenge to apply BPM

✦ Business Modelling and Rule Engine building

✦ Technology or platform evaluation and POC

✦ Implementation of complex Business Process Management

✦ Integration to the related applications

✦ Production deployments, Maintenance & Support

✦ Architecture workshops and Trainings

Tools & Competency

✦ Platform Installation and Configuration

✦ Proof of Concepts for evaluation

✦ Architecture Assistance and Process Modelling

✦ BPM Implementation as per requirements

✦ Integration with other applications

✦ Architecture workshops and Trainings

✦ Production Support & Maintenance

✦ Tool Installation and Configuration

✦ Architecture Assistance and POC for evaluation

✦ BPM Implementation

✦ Architecture workshops and Trainings

✦ Production Support and Maintenance

✦ Installation and Configuration

✦ Business Process Modelling & Design

✦ BPM Implementation

✦ Integration with external application

✦ Business Activity Monitoring

✦ BPM Rule Engine creation

✦ Production deployment, Support & Maintenance

✦ Architecture workshops and Trainings

Data Profiling

Service Offering

✦ Facilitating Data Quality Analysis and Monitoring capabilities across various subject areas

✦ Setting up Data Profiling and Data Governance frameworks to define the business rules

✦ Setup Role based Data Profiling

✦ Performing statistical data profiling on your organization’s data

✦ Tool Evaluation and Proof Of Concept

✦ Data profiling in action on Production data for real time Quality Analysis

✦ Data profiling and Data Governance Scorecards

✦ Create, Maintain & Deploy Enterprise Data Models with multiple technology options

✦ Enabling co-existence of multiple tools with tight integration of metadata

Tools & Competency

Talend Open Studio

✦ Installation, Integration and Configuration

✦ Profile, Cleanse, Standardize, and De-duplicate data across databases

✦ Enable Business users to define custom business rules for cleansing and profiling data

✦ Detailed Analytics and Reporting capabilities on profiling

✦ Cleanses and deduplicates Customers, Vendor and Product Master data

✦ Identify data that fails to conform to specified internal standards or external reference standards

✦ Production Deployment, Support & Maintenance

Managed Services

Our Managed Services can help you to look after the day-to-day running, maintenance and backup of all your data sources including SQL, NOSQL, Columnar and Big data platforms

We keep your Data Secure

We Keep your data performing at all levels

Monitoring, Backup and Incident Management

Platform or technology migrations

We ensure your data is highly and always available

24/7 Customer Care

Change and Configuration Management

We recover your lost data

Infrastructure Setup and Maintenance

Service Reporting